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In addition to the good pubs and restaurants for every day use, there are of course also excellent food temple for special occasions.
Distance from hotel: 0.4 km

Following on the long tradition of Bavarian hospitality, we offer an outstanding selection of food and wine in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere
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Distance from hotel: 1.3 km
Highest craftsmanship, on and around the table. The restaurant Dallmayr on the first floor of the House 
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Distance from hotel: 3.1 km
In the stylish Käfer-Schänke the venerable restaurant in Munich you dine in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere 
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Distance from hotel: 4.1 km
Tantris - On a quest for passion
Established 35 years ago. Back then the first pillar of a new culture in the Diaspora of German gastronomy: Tantris. A name like rumbling thunder  
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Distance from hotel: 69.3 km
In 1991, Heinz Winkler decided to risk the move from being a shooting star at the Tantris in Munich to the owner of his own restaurant and hotel 
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23.06. Sat.  €124.50    €144
24.06. Sun.  €139.50    €169
25.06. Mon.  €199.50    €239
26.06. Tue.  €259.50    €299
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Time:  04:47
Fri, 22.06.  15°C 
Sat, 23.06.  16°C 
Sun, 24.06.  15°C 
Distances from hotel
Centre 0.5 km
Fair 9.0 km
Main station 0.2 km
Airport MUC 33.0 km
Freeway 2.6 km
University 2.6 km
Fairs in Munich
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